Our crew comes from a diversity of backgrounds including production, training, defense, emergency services, dangerous goods and entertainment. Our extensive range of skills and experience means we are able to customise a solution for your event.

We have worked on film sets, television studios, theatre stages, entertainment centres and the prestigious Sydney Opera House producing safe indoor effects for that added touch of drama. Our highly trained crew are experienced in all aspects of this specialist field of work and are able to assist you from development and design of the effect right through to the final production.


Our Credentials



Uncommon Credentials

  1. Crew licensed in both pyrotechnics and high explosives

  2. Qualified crew in first aid and respond to fire

  3. Registered Intensive Care Emergency Medical Technician



Industry Standard Credentials

  1. Licensed crew for every state of Australia

  2. Certified HAZMAT technician

  3. Certified rescue medic diver

  4. Aeromedical Response

  5. Specialty Industrial Gases technician

  6. Licensed Firearms Dealer/Armourer (VIC)

  7. Ordnance Munitions (Explosive Pyrotechnics) technical officer

  8. Licensed Bulk Dangerous Goods driver

  9. Licensed Bulk Explosives Transport

  10. License Store Sell and Import Explosive

  11. Licensed Advanced Rigging and Scaffolding

  12. Fitter & Machinist

  13. Mechanical Engineering Technician

  14. Certificate III Audio Engineering

  15. IT Software Developer (over 27 years combined experience)

  16. Systems networking and communication specialist

  17. Certificate in vocational training



Past Clients & Projects

Not only do clients book us directly, but many other companies within the fireworks industry employ our services to ensure their productions proceeds smoothly as planned and the most competent crew available. Events we have been involved with are:

  • Australia Day Kogarah Council

  • New Years Eve Coogee Beach

  • River of Fire Closing Ceremony (Sydney Olympics 2000)

  • Australia Day Lake Burley Griffin Canberra